The Bohemian Grove: Power, Revelry, and Ressentiment

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023-1Before I begin, a note: I have decided to take the majority of Jones’ claims at face value for sake of exploration of their implications, even though there are serious credibility issues within Jones’ camp and the anti-Illuminati movement at large.  As such, I grant that global elites do attend the Grove, participate in rituals, engage in homosexual or illicit sexual practices, and speak about policy issues during their time there.  I do not however grant the more extreme claims, such as that they seek to bring forth the anti-Christ, abduct children for sacrifices, and wish to enslave humanity – though these claims are mentioned.

In 2000, Alex Jones and his crew infiltrated the Bohemian Grove, home of the secretive “Bohemian Club”.  The club is highly exclusive, with membership including ex-Presidents and members of the global elite. In resulting reports and films, Jones focuses on the most un-Christian elements of the Club’s activities.  He claims that, “…the Bohemian Grove is perhaps the ultimate ‘back room’, in which world and domestic policy is agreed upon in the bizarre environment of drunken frivolity, homosexual prostitution, and satanic deity worship.”(Jones & Watson, 2006).  The reactive judgments he and others in the anti-Illuminati movement make about the Club, and the Christian context in which they are made, denote, almost verbatim, what Nietzsche defines as “slave” or “herd” morality.

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Anthropomorphism as a Major Contributor to Religious Thought

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flowerfaceMolecules of air shake violently, roaring with the collective output of thousands of vehicles and dull thunder of feet. The collective noises of millions reverberate against monuments of glass and steel, many a dozen or more stories high.  The profound creative and destructive power of humans is rarely more pronounced than in the busy downtown of a major city.  We raise mountains wherever we wish, as surely as we knock them down; deliberately influence the design of other animals through the processes of selective breeding and genetic engineering; and our rich imaginations and ability to create have led to the furnishing of the world with our inventions.  Humans already possess the “Godlike” qualities we attribute to our religious characters, and perhaps the true source of these characters lie not in some absolute truth, but rather in our tendency to ‘humanize’ the external world. While many additional factors contribute to the popularity of religious thought, anthropomorphism is an important and oft ignored contributor to religion’s ongoing pervasiveness in spite of the advancement of science into religion’s traditional realms.

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Self As God – A Brief Examination

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Since childhood, I have always been curious about and drawn towards the dark and esoteric.  This tendency led me recently to the webpage of the Darkside Ministry, a Satanist church in Edmonton[1].  Generally a skeptic (and initially believing many rather ludicrous myths about Satanists[2]), to my unexpected and uneasy perplexity, I found myself resonating with several elements of their philosophy.  Of particular interest to me was the belief that the mind is the highest form of spiritual authority – the ‘creator’ of all we see.  This view is shared by Buddhism, Taoism, many of the greatest thinkers in history, and is largely supported by neuroscience.  In essence, Satanists believe in no external or ethereal Gods, but in the ‘Godhood’ of living things, humans in particular.

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Enhancing Goal Management with Behavioral Science

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 Whether you want to advance your career, learn an instrument, or improve your health, the ability to set and achieve goals will be a huge factor in your level of success.  However, many of us fail to reach our goals or maintain ongoing commitments.   Perhaps we lose enthusiasm, get too busy to maintain our schedules, or experience failure and thus lose hope that change is possible.  Fortunately, failure to reach objectives is rarely indicative of inherent character flaws – success and failure are far more likely to be determined by the way we set objectives and reward ourselves for reaching them.  In this essay, I will give a brief explanation of how to maximize your potential to reach goals using behavioral psychology.

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Increasing Measures of Intelligence In Women: Procedures, Ethics, and Concerns

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    Image  It has been claimed by many throughout history that women are inherently ‘less intelligent’ than men (i.e., Matlin, 2008, p. 145).  This deterministic view of intelligence is prevalent, despite research on the ability of the brain to change according to its environment, which supports the social constructionist view of intelligence and skills often argued by feminists (Begley & Yarett, 2012; Nelis, Quoidbach, Mikolajczak & Hansenne, 2009; Matlin, 2008, p. 146-172).  Being female in a patriarchic society means marked disadvantage (Matlin, 2008, many points throughout text), and whatever IQ and EIQ tests  measure exactly, they are correlated with positive outcomes in our society. With the intention of further challenging biologically deterministic views of gender differences in intelligence, as well as providing some meaningful improvement in the lives of participants, the purpose of this study was determining if participation in a simple, supervision-free program could improve IQ/EIQ scores in females in a non-intensive 4-week period.  Equally important to these ends was determining what women’s definitions of intelligence are, if they view the types of intelligence on these tests as being relevant to their lives, and what their subjective experiences and interpretations of the program were. Continue reading

Weird Jazz Guitar Anyone?

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This my cover of Ron Jarzombek’s “Frank Can Get Drunk and Eat Beer”. The title is a mnemonic for the order of the sharps in the circle of fifths. It is in free time (which made it quite difficult to learn, haha!).

Artemis Green Smoothy

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Named after the Goddess of the Hunt (and coincidentally my all powerful Oblivion character, lol), this smoothy tastes amazing, has an awesome light, whipped cream-like texture, and packs some serious raw vegan nutrition.  The hemp powder is an excellent source of all your essential amino acids (plus some), protein and fiber.   Along with the flax oil, this shake is overflowing with omega-3s.  Spirulina, kale and blueberries give this shake a beautiful color. Also cool is that the oatmeal, pumpkin seed (or other nut putter) and water make fresh nut milk inside the shake, no scary preservatives or extra sugar needed. Continue reading